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Italian cuisine is known worldwide and is identified by a few popular dishes. However, each region of Italy has its

own style and cooking traditions. It is mainly through its history, divided past and distinct geographical features,that each community has its own cooking methods. Florence Cuisine has evolved from a long history to the height of its refinement during Renaissance Florence. Yet, the passion of the Florentine kitchen stems comes from a long and peasant tradition of simple dishes. It is this humble simplicity of Tuscan Cuisine that Ciccio represents.


Ciccio, is a neighborhood Italian Alimentari (Food) & Bar, featuring the specialties of Florentine cuisine through its quality prepared ingredients. The essence embodied in the prepared ingredients of house-cured seasonal specialties and the two basic elements of Tuscan cuisine: bread and olive oil. The idea is just the simple elegance of traditional Tuscan food by pronouncing the preparation using local ingredients. Why? It’s the truth in the food and preparation that embed dishes rich in flavor. Signature house-made bread alongside a perfect piece of pecorino, and a glass of Tuscan wine to enjoy alongside Florentine dishes such as:  Panzanella, Pappa al Pomodoro, Ribollita.




Chef in kitchen

Ciccio, is a boutique-sized restaurant. Our aim is to add to the surrounding richness. At Ciccio, moderately priced dishes exemplify the Tuscan idea that hunger is the best cook where a “full stomach comforts the soul.” It is also in this location, the “South Village” of NYC bordering the residential historic neighborhood of Greenwich Village that Ciccio complements. In Florence, small restaurants serve the neighborhood and its residents where the Alimentaris and Tattorias are places for family and friends. Like in Italy, expect to find a little hidden gem, simple and rich.

Instrumental behind the idea, is Giacomo Romano. He brings his Florentine background to New York to successfully balance a restaurant that will be a your neighborhood must.

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